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My dentist said I need a root canal.

Wondering why your tooth might benefit from a root canal? Not sure if you need one

What is a root canal?

step-by step walk through of the most common endodontic procedure.

Cost vs. benefit

Wondering why a root canal is necessary or a preferred  treatment for your tooth?

Will it hurt?

Pain and anxiety are the most common concerns regarding endodontic treatment. Using the latest technology, pain management strategies, and up-to-date research, we are here to help guide you through the process with as much comfort and ease as possible. 

What do I do after I have had treatment?

Post-op instructions and common questions answered here.

Re-treatment and surgical procedures.

Occasionally a root canal-treated tooth needs further treatment. Sometimes a minor surgical procedure  might be more appropriate for a particular case. 

I heard root canals can give you cancer.

Common myths dispelled, and fears alleviated here.

Why an Endodontist?

Wondering why you need to see a specialist?